Why this symposium?

PhD in Applied Mathematics and Automation, at University of Toulouse (LAAS - CNRS) in 1978 , Professor Abdelhaq El Jai began his teaching career researcher at the Paul Sabatier University and then as professor at the University Mohammed V Rabat. Since 1984 he performs his duties as professor at the University of Perpignan . Since 2010, he works in the multidisciplinary laboratory IMAGE in Perpignan, where the axis Modeling and System plays a transversal role among the themes of the laboratory in which he ended his career as Professor Emeritus. His research activity for over 30 years covers many aspects in systems theory , focusing on the modeling, analysis and control of distributed systems sensors and actuators. The originality of his research can be found in various new concepts in theory of distributed systems he introduced with his colleagues: regional analysis , spreadability , remediability , vulnerability , cellular automata systems theory to name a few.

He led the first optimal control laboratory at the University Mohammed V in Rabat , the Laboratory of automatic systems, IMP- CNRS in Perpignan and then set up and headed the Laboratory Systems Theory in Perpignan . He has written and co-edited a dozen books and over one hundred publications and papers in international conferences. His former doctoral students and researchers are mostly professors in Moroccan or foreign universities . Since May 2006, he was appointed resident member of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, where he directs the college " Science of Modelling and Information ." He contributed greatly to scientific outreach both in Morocco and France through its national and international collaborations, research projects and international conferences (IFAC 1989, MTNS 2000 or Fez 2009). He also strongly influenced the research training : responsibility in DEA " Optimal Control " in Morocco or " Processes, Materials and Systems" in Perpignan and the Master "Modeling and Systems " in Morocco .

With the support of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, Professor Abdelhaq El Jai created the Systems Theory Network, geographically distributed over a dozen of research centers in Morocco and since makes work of a very good scientific level in systems theory , as evidenced by numerous publications in international scientific journals, but also outreach activities such as the Caravan of Science in 2012 with the assistance of the Palais de la Découverte .

It is a tribute to the man and to the great scientific that several researchers, collaborators , colleagues and friends of Professor Abdelhaq El Jai, spontaneously associated with the organization of this international Conference of Systems Modeling , Analysis and Control (Colloque de Modélisation, Analyse et Contrôle des Systèmes - CMACS2014). This event, to be held in Irfane at Al-Akhawayn University, will cover various aspects of academic and applied research in systems theory and together with the participation of almost 120 scientists and fifteen invited speakers from France , Switzerland, Italy , Belgium and the United States beyond the massive participation of the scientific Moroccan community .

A special issue of an international journal is dedicated to Professor El Jai, in memory of his strong contribution in analysis and control of distributed systems. All participants are invited to submit their research for publication and will be subject to a rigorous selection process by a scientific committee of high level. Details will be given in the "Papers" tab.

Contact : Samira El Yacoubi,
       Tel : +33 4 68 66 17 64
Laboratoire IMAGES, Université de Perpignan
52, Avenue Paul Alduy, 66 860 Perpignan cedex (France)